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Hello everyone! I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) when I was just 3 years old. I've had my battles with this disease over the years, and have decided to create a blog. I want to share my stories and adivce with other RA chicks, or anyone interested, to raise awareness and get insight from others. Feel free to comment/question me about anything. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Finding love with RA

Hello everyone, sorry I did not write a blog here today, my fiance and I are celebrating our anniversary.   We've officially been together for 4 years!  I'm definitely a lucky girl for finding someone who truly cares for me, even through all the crap I have to put up with everyday.  I'll make this a short blog, more of an inspirational message to all those who haven't found the one, yet.

I always had a tough time dating growing up, it seemed as soon as a guy found out I had all these illnesses, it scared them away.  I always joke that I'm high maintenance, and in reality I am, but not in the material sense.  All the money we have to pay for medicines, doctors appointments and hospitalizations, adds up and can add extra stress onto a relationship.  Most couples who fight a lot and don't work out, usually is because of money problems.  Now add an illness and more expenses on top of that, who would want to take care of someone like that?  Someone who is loving and caring, that's who.  I only hope everyone can find someone who cares for you, who understands when you can't do certain things, who's compassionate and loving.  This doesn't go just for a husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife... it goes for friends too.  It's hard to find a friend who actually cares and believes what you're going through.  

I've learned to get rid of the negativity in my life, ´╗┐like those who don't give a crap about me, or can not seem to understand what I'm going through.  This may seem harsh, but it's not healthy for us to have added stress on our lives.  It's better for us in the long run, and really not worth it.

Every one of you are beautiful, strong, amazing people.  Only make sure you have people in your life who are worth your time, if they don't make you happy, they're not worth it. 


Blogger Project Journal said...

You are amazing. Plain and simple. Lol! So very, very happy for you and Adam : )

December 13, 2010 at 2:05 PM  
Blogger A said...

Ok, 2nd post I've read, and I actually have to say "ditto" ; ) I have been married to mine for 4 and a half years now, we got married right before 21 and right before things got AWFUL. HE IS AMAZING! WE ARE LUCKY, LUCKY GIRLS : )

December 15, 2010 at 1:18 AM  

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